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Our team is composed of licensed and bonded locksmiths that are always ready to serve 24 hours a day and 7 days a week

Looking for a reliable Locksmith Decatur GA? Look no further because you have come to the right place. Cooper Locksmith Decatur GA specialize in a variety of Locksmith Decatur GA services, including residential, automotive, and commercial services. Our team is composed of licensed and bonded locksmiths that are always ready to serve 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

Our Services at Cooper Locksmith Decatur GA

We offer a wide range of reliable and affordable locksmith Decatur GA services. We’ve been providing quality automotive locksmith services for many years, and this is what allows us to stand out in the competition with little to no effort.


Our experts are here to help no matter the status and time. If you are locked out of your property in the middle of the night, relax and do not panic. All you need to do is to give us  a call and we will come to you in the shortest time possible to help you.


We serve 24/7 so you can call us whenever you need our help. We will come fast and equipped with the right tools to solve your lock and key issues in the best and fastest way possible. We will assure to give you the finest locksmith Florida services that meet your satisfaction.

Whether you need to replace your faulty residential locks or you got locked out of your house in the middle of the night, just reach out to us and our certified locksmiths will get to your location in no time to assist you. Cooper Locksmith Decatur GA is always here for you 24/7 so feel free to call us anytime you require our residential locksmith services. As long as we are here, you can be at ease knowing that your house, belongings, and loved ones are safe and protected. You can rest assured that your satisfaction is guaranteed in our hands.

Want to improve the safety of your business but don’t know who to call? That’s where Copper Locksmith Decatur GA can help you. We offer fast, reliable, and budget-friendly commercial services that will keep you and your business safe and away from potential dangers such as intruders or burglars. If you lost your commercial keys and can’t get into your office or you need to replace your broken commercial locks, just contact our team and we will drive to your location as quickly as possible to help you. We will work with you throughout the entire process to determine the best approach for all your commercial locksmith needs.

When it comes to dealing with any car key or lock issues, we are the one to call. We have what it takes to handle any kinds of automotive lock and key problems so there is no reason not to put your trust in our experts. From replacing lost car keys to programming keyless entry remotes for vehicles of all makes and models, we got your back.


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Cooper Locksmith Decatur GA is always here for you 24/7. That means you can freely call us whenever you require our assistance. We are committed to providing top-notch Locksmith Decatur GA services, and that is what our team has been doing since day one. If you are having a hard time replacing your damaged key or locks, or you want to make your office a safer place, we can definitely help you with that. We use modern techniques and tools that allow us to get the job done fast and successfully the first time. We’re equipped with many years of experience and remarkable locksmith skills so you should not hesitate to choose us. We are proud to say that our team is comprised of fully licensed and highly-trained locksmiths that you can rely on. There are no lock and key issues we can’t solve, and this is what enables our team to be one of the best locksmiths out there.

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If you’re having issues with your keys and locks, and you want to get them fixed in no time, simply reach out to us and you’re good to go. We make sure to come to you with an immediate response and equipped with the right tools and equipment when you give our professional locksmiths a call.

Call For Immediate Response(770) 796-5834

24 Hour Locksmith Service in Decatur GA

We are consists of experienced and certified technicians that you can rely on. Our team is trained to provide quality locksmith results to our customers. And that is what we have been doing from day one. Dealing with any type of locks and key issues, it is essential to contact a reliable locksmith to do the procedure fast and smooth. We have what it takes to take care of any kind of lock issue, and we do it to the best and fastest than any other locksmiths out there.

Our highly skilled locksmith know that getting locked out or losing keys is not a good situation. That is the main reason our team is committed to responding quickly to our customers. No matter if you are just around the corner of many miles away, we will come fast and within just a few minutes when you call us. Our expert technicians will perform the locksmith service at your place so you are at ease while we are working.

Cooper Locksmith Decatur Residential lockout service
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Our highly-skilled professionals would be very glad to assist you with your lock and key issues no matter how simple or hard they are. We have what you need to solve all your lock and key issues in the most reliable and fastest way possible. To get locked out or losing your keys or the middle of the night will not be a big issue anymore as our team is here to assist you 24/7.

If you see yourself in need of emergency locksmith service, contact us and we will drive to your place in no time to assist you. We are expert in a variety of locksmith services, that includes key duplication, lock replacement, high-security lock installation, and many more. If you have a hard time changing your old locks or you need an urgent lock installation, our expert locksmith can help you.


Hiring a professional locksmith company is investing for your personal and family’s security. For instances such as being locked out of your home or car, without a professional team, the integrity of your locks might be at stake. Attempting to pick a lock without expertise, appropriate tools and doing it on your own may cause grave damage to your locks. 

The previous homeowner or tenant surely have duplicate keys. Worse, it might be tucked somewhere that can be easily accessed by a stranger. If you do not want strangers to have access to your new home, we strongly advise to change the locks or have them rekeyed.

A master key opens different types of locks which has its own keys. This is a very common system used by landlords in their apartment buildings. Each apartment door lock is unique has a key of its own. To avoid the costs of duplication and confusion of having too many keys, a landlord has a master key to access all apartments.

It is one of the most common techniques used by burglars that doesn’t require a skill. It is done by opening the outer side of the lock and applying a force to the lock cylinder that holds the lock mechanism. This can break the lock cylinder in two, completely breaking your lock.

However, this can be avoided by investing in locks that are lock snapping-proof.

This is inevitable and can cause you to panic especially if it happens in the middle of the night. Call us for extraction of the snapped part of the key. Do not attempt to retrieve it. Without skills and tools, damage can be done to your lock.

Rekeying lock is an affordable alternative to replacement of locks. The pins inside the lock cylinder are replaced to fit the new key.

A lock cylinder is where pins and springs can be found. These are responsible for the lock mechanism. When locks are rekeyed, the pins and springs are changed using rekeying kits and tools.

In choosing the most secure type of lock, you can be guided by the three different grades of locks. The finest grade is the ANSI Grade 1 is a heavy-duty commercial security lock designed for high traffic and superior security. It is followed by the ANSI Grade 2 for high residential security or low commercial grade. The third is the ANSI Grade 3 for basic residential security lock that meets the lowest acceptable quality standards for locks by the ANSI.

We recommend that your locks should be changed when it is too worn to be repaired. We would also recommend it if the locks installed are of poor quality that might compromise your safety.

Getting a duplicate is not a safe choice. Your lost key could have landed to a stranger’s hand. It is better to change your locks or for a lesser cost, you can have them rekeyed.

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Are you looking for affordable locksmith services that match your budget? Look no further because you’ve come to the right place. Our locksmith services are not only quick and professional but budget-friendly as we. No matter if your budget is tight or not, we will give you the best locksmith New Your City services at a price that will not break your bank. Our locksmith services are certain to meet not only your requirements but your budget as well.

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