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Does Social Media Use Affect My Home Security?

Social media has given us the rare opportunity to communicate instantly with our families and friends from wherever they are in the world as long as there is an internet connection. Imagine what it was like leaving your home in the 70s. But like with every innovation and technological breakthrough, there are some people who would love to use the platform for their selfish gain. 

No doubt, social media has enormous impacts on our lives, but have you wondered how it affects your home security? In this post, we’ll consider some ways social media affects the security of your home. 

Pictures and videos

Today, most people want to live the ‘celebrity life’. There’s always that urge to post your new success on social media. Maybe your new car, TV, or some expensive watch you just got. While that might seem harmless to you, our pictures and videos are valuable for burglars. From these videos, they might get the information they need to get into your home. 

Always check your videos to ensure they do not give out sensitive information about your house. Also, do not share pictures or videos of your home with the public. Instead, set your post to be visible only to people that you connect with as friends.  

Location sharing

If you love to travel or explore places away from your home, you might have posted captions like “Off to Dubai” or “Leaving home” on social media. This is wrong because burglars can use such information to target your property when you are away and steal valuable goods.

Data leakage 

A data leak from social media platforms has been a point of concern in recent years. For any social media platform to remain competitive, they need to collect massive data from users. Unfortunately, once there is a bug, cybercriminals can exploit the space to steal data and sell it to other criminals. 

For example, there was a huge data leak on Facebook where more than 500 million Facebook users had their data leaked online in April 2021. The data released for free included personal information, phone numbers, and the address of users. In the wrong hands, this valuable information could be potentially dangerous. It is almost impossible to do away with social media posts, but you must protect your information. Want more insights and security tips? Cooper Locksmith Decatur is an expert company to reach.

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