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How To Remove A Broken Key

Keys can break when you least expect it. Key breakages are not unusual because even harder substances can suffer the same fate with time.  If your key breaks while trying to open a lock, it might prevent your access to your facility until the broken key part is removed. Retrieving a broken key from a lock can be done using the do-it-yourself approach. However, you must take care to avoid causing further damage to the lock. A faster and safer approach is contacting a nearby locksmith if you cannot fix the problem.

Steps to Retrieve A Broken Key From A Lock

There are four steps involved in retrieving a broken key from a lock. Most importantly, you must avoid trying to use the remaining half to unlock the door after breakage. You may worsen the situation by forcing the broken key further into the lock if you attempt such. You will need simple tools like a screwdriver, needle-nose plier, and a jigsaw for this situation.

Lubricate the lock

The first thing to do is to lubricate the lock. Lubrication will make the retrieval process easy by reducing friction.  Employ dry lubricants as other types may cause the lock to malfunction.

Reset the lock

Perhaps you have tried turning the lock before the breakage occurs. The next thing is to reset the lock to its default position. Don’t attempt to make use of the key to achieve the rest process. Use a screwdriver to twist the lock to its normal position.

Retrieve the key with a plier

This is the first attempt to remove the key. Insert the needle-nose plier into the lock such that the two pins are grabbing the two sides of the key. Gently pull out the key from the lock after fastening the plier to its side. If this proves abortive, attempt the last step.

Use a jigsaw blade

Slide in a jigsaw into the lock and seek to make a connection between the blade’s teeth and the key cut. When the connection is secured, pull out the jigsaw to withdraw the key with it.

Retrieving a broken key from a lock is a simple process that you can achieve by following the steps above. However, to avoid complicating the issue, it is advisable to seek the help of a professional locksmith. Cooper Locksmith Decatur is an expert in residential locksmith and other locksmith services.

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