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Mechanical Locks vs. Electronic Locks

Keyless locks are a new technology in the locksmith world. These days, they are becoming increasingly popular in residential areas. One reason for the popularity of keyless locks is the fact that they are easy and convenient to use. Like the name, you will never need to carry a key around anymore using the keyless lock. 

Also, you don’t need to worry about your kids losing your keys at school again. Besides, the lock system is also a good option, especially if you have the habit of locking yourself out or misplacing your keys without having a spare outside. 

All you need to do is never forget your access code. Once you are at the door, you must enter your code to open the door.

What’s the Difference Between Electronic and Mechanical locks?

The two systems are similar in that they are security systems that help you prevent unauthorized persons from entering your house.  Also, the two systems are keyless systems since they do not need keys to work. However, they differ in several ways. 

Mechanical locks are made of metals containing a series of pins and strings that keep them tightly secured. To open a mechanical lock, you must activate a mechanism to activate the pins so you can open the lock.  On the other hand, an electronic lock is a device that is programmed to secure buildings. The device usually operates with a battery and a lit keypad. To open an electrical lock, you must know the code with which the system was programmed. 

Furthermore, mechanical locks do not use batteries or lights, while electronic locks need batteries and lights to work well. 

Advantages of Electronic Locks:

You can add as many codes for different people and delete them whenever you want.

Electronic locks are easy to install and use.

The light on the keypad makes it easy to enter your codes. 

There are many designs you can use.  


Batteries can die when you need them the most. 

Advantages of mechanical locks 

They are easy to install, and they work smoothly. 

No batteries.

They are heavy-duty, and you can rely on the mechanics. 


They do not come with lights.

Whether electronic or mechanical lock, your goal is the safety of your home and properties. That is where Cooper Locksmith Decatur comes into the picture. It is a professional company to reach for all forms of locksmithing problems and security tips. 

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