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Tips to Avoid Locksmith Scam

Every day, about 250,000 Americans have locksmith-related emergencies. Most of these people usually rely on the internet to find the nearest help that they can get. While the internet has proven to be helpful for years by suggesting helpful information, it can also be a potential trap for fraud. 

Anyone who has had a locksmith emergency knows how terrible it can be. The stress that comes with the process can be overwhelming. As a result, many people walk into scams and frauds without paying attention to obvious red flags.

In this article, we will discuss how these locksmith scams work. More so, we will show you how to avoid getting ripped by these fraudulent people. 

How Does the Locksmith Scam Work?

It all starts with a harmless search online for locksmith services. In most cases, these scammers pay for online ad services on search engines. When you search online for locksmiths, you will probably see their “business” ads first. 

By the time you call them, the operator will tell you they are sending you a technician to fix the situation. The thing is, their initial quotes are usually around the average range, and the “technician” would arrive on time. However, instead of fixing your door, they’ll either ruin it the most or tell you it’s not repairable. 

To fix the door, they’ll request between 3 to 10 times of their initial quote. Now that you know how it works, how do you avoid it? 

Tips to Avoid Locksmith Scam

Scammers usually have questionable business names.

Avoid firms that do not mention their names on the phone. Most scams respond on the phone with generic speech like “locksmith services” instead of saying the name of the firm they represent. 

A locksmith that does not have their company name on their van is likely a scam. 

Always request an ID and address. 

Ask around for reputable locksmiths that you can trust from your neighbors and friends. 

Experienced locksmiths know how to unlock most doors. So, if a locksmith tells you he needs to drill your lock, he’s probably fake. 

Although many people parade themselves as locksmiths, there are still legit companies out there to help you out. Cooper Locksmith Decatur is a reputable company that calls for all forms of locksmith issues in your area.

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