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Types of Car Keys

Car keys come in different types, shapes, and functions. Surprisingly, modern car keys now serve more functions than lock opening and ignition. Some car keys now feature a remote sensor that can be used for locking and unlocking from a distance. The different types of car keys are discussed below: 

Mechanical car key

The mechanical car key is primarily found in old cars. Mechanical keys do not include any special features or programming. It is a simple key used for locking, unlocking, and starting a car.  Just insert the key, then twist to unlock your car. 

Remote car keys

Remote car keys are advanced keys found in modern cars. The key features a remote control that you can use for locking and unlocking the car from a distance. These keys include a radio transmitter that sends a signal to the receiver in the car. Remote car keys are operational once within the range of the signal of operation.

Transponder car keys

Transponder car keys make use of electronic transponders to control the car. The transponder features a unique code that must match that of the car’s immobilizer. Some cars make use of the transponder key when changing codes. This key is more secure as it is difficult to copy.

Flip style remote keys

The flip-style remote key is a car key with the ability to retract into the key fobs. It is also called the switchable key. Flip-style remote keys have a button for releasing and retracting the key component.

Smart keys

A smart key is a more advanced type of car key. It does not need insertion or pressing to unlock or ignite the car. It makes use of sensors that make the car detect its presence automatically. As such, a smart key can unlock a car within range at the push of any button.

Car keys can be different depending on the type of car and manufacturer. Each type of key features different modifications and abilities. Cooper Locksmith Decatur is a reliable locksmith for your auto locksmith services. Have an issue with your car key, or you just experienced a lockout? It’s time to contact Cooper Locksmith Decatur. Besides, we offer services such as lock rekey, key cutting, and remote key programming.

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