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Types of Door Locks

Door locks are essential to keep your home, workplace, and other home facilities secure. A lock is the most used security system anywhere in the world. There are different types of locks, and they vary in the method of installation, shape, and security. Here are the most common door locks you should know about:


The padlock is one of the most common locks in use. People use padlocks mainly to secure lockers, drawers, and sheds. In some cases, you will find padlocks for locking doors of non-essential places like stores.  Padlocks are portable and mainly keyed padlocks, but some of them make use of numerical combinations.

Knobs lock

The Knobs lock is another common type of door lock. Knobs lock features a lock cylinder which is installed in the knobs. Usually, this type of lock is advisable for an interior door and not the door to the main entrance because the lock is weak and can be broken with a hammer.

Cam lock

Cam lock is a simple lock system that is usually used on simple furniture. Items such as cabinets, drawers, shelves, and mailboxes make use of a cam lock. The cylindrical lock is installed in the wood and uses a tiny key for locking and unlocking.

Mortise lock

The mortise lock is a robust security lock system. This type of lock is mainly used on external doors of a house. Mortise lock features a cam and a screw for creating a lock mechanism. It also has a knob with a cylindrical body which serves as a key for unlocking.

Deadbolt lock

The deadbolt lock is the most secure door lock. You can trust the deadbolt lock against burglary because it resists battering or any form of physical attack. This lock has a double locking system. It can be a lock with a key from outside and, at the same time, features a knob for locking from inside.

There are different types of door locks with different security capabilities. The understanding of the type of door lock and the purpose for which you need them will help you make the best choice. The Cooper Locksmith Decatur is a reliable commercial locksmith company to help buffer your security lock systems. You can be sure of quality in locksmith services, including lock rekey and replacement, car key fixes, and other security tips with the Cooper Locksmith Decatur.

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