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What are Intercoms and Why Should I Have One?

In the past, homeowners usually relied on doorbells to secure their homes. As technology continued to advance, doorbells had to give way to newer innovations like the intercom. So, what is an intercom, and why should you have one? Keep reading to find out more. 

What are Intercoms?

The term intercom is an abbreviation that means intercommunication device. The door phone or talkback device is a single communication system that people use in buildings or a small network of buildings. 

The device works with a two-way communication system plus a circuit for transmitting and receiving audio and video signals. In the past, intercoms used to have single buttons with a single line of communication. However, today, they have evolved into an emerging security solution that simultaneously offers audio and video communications.  

Why Do You Need Intercoms?

Intercoms are valuable tools that help facilitate communication in the house. While this is the primary purpose of the intercom, there are several other reasons why you should consider investing in a personal intercom system for your home or business. These reasons include the following:

Advanced security

Intercom provides extra security for your home such that when someone presses your doorbell, you get alerts immediately. The beautiful part is that since it is a two-way communication system, you can quickly reply to the visitor from your comfort and block out any intruder if necessary. 

Monitoring of outdoor activities

Parents with very young children know how reckless kids can be, especially when they are playing outside. Intercoms help parents keep an eye on their children and even communicate with the kids if necessary.

Real-time information 

Even when you are away from home, the intercom provides information about your building. Modern intercoms are wireless-enabled and can connect to the Wi-Fi of your home.  That means you can access the security information of your home from the cloud any time and from anywhere. 


With modern intercoms, you can make calls to specific rooms in your house without leaving your room and without leaving digital trails. 


With modern intercoms, you no longer have to run up and down the building when you can grant remote access to visitors. This means extra convenience, especially in a situation like deliveries where you do not need to reach the door. Intercoms should serve their purpose of enhancing security; hence, professionals like the Cooper Locksmith Decatur company should be employed for installation and operation.

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