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What Are the Different Types of Keys?

Aside from home and car keys, many people are not aware of the types of keys that exist. There are different types of keys that are categorized based on their characteristics and usage. Here are the popular types of keys you should know:

Double/Four-sided keys

Double/Four-sided keys are the most common keys because they are used as home keys. They feature either two or four sets of teeth. The four-tooth set is considered more secure than the two teeth keys. This kind of key is difficult to pick and enhances home security.

Transponder keys

These types of keys are commonly used in modern cars. Also known as chip keys, transponder keys are electronic keys. They make use of a radio signal to activate the car when placed on the car’s ignition. Transponder keys are highly secured and difficult to duplicate.

Abloy key

The Abloy key is common to locks with a disc tumbler system. The key works by rotating the disc to align it into its place to unlock. The key is springless, therefore, impossible to pick. It is highly secured for both home and commercial use.

Skeleton key

Skeleton key, otherwise known as a passkey, was used centuries ago. The key features a cylindrical shaft with a teeth-like head. This type of key is easy to copy and less secured. As a result, the skeleton key is no longer in use today.

Dimple key

The dimple key uses an engraved dimple for unlocking. The key features cone-like dimples, which are expected to match with the pins in the lock. Both sides of the key have the dimple combination and can be used for unlocking.

Paracentric key

This type of key is used for opening paracentric locks. It has a tooth and a contorted blade used for unlocking. It is mainly used in prison because it discourages lock picking.

Tubular key

This key is otherwise known as barrel key, and it is used for unlocking a tumbler lock. It has a cylindrical shaft, and it is mainly used in bikes and vending machines. 

The features and function of keys are what differentiate them from one another. As keys differ in functions, so is their security level. For lock and security consultation, Cooper Locksmith Decatur is a trusted company to reach. We deal with all forms of locksmithing issues with expertise.

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